Restore a Backup

You can restore a backup to return an application to a prior state by uploading a backup to restore, or by restoring from your local storage.

Note: During a backup or a restore, Tenable Core stops the Tenable Nessus Network Monitor application service. You cannot use Tenable Core during this time. After the backup or restore completes, your services restart and Tenable Nessus Network Monitor resumes normal function.

Before you begin:

  • Check your firewall settings and confirm that your computer can access port 8090 on Tenable Core, as described in Access Requirements.

    Note: If you do not confirm this ahead of the backup/restore process Tenable Core provides a link to click which opens a connection-check URL in a new tab so you can accept the certificate for port 8090, and have the restoration process try again.

  • For help with issues encountered during the process, refer to the FAQ.