Link Tenable Core to Tenable Vulnerability Management

After you deploy your instance of Tenable Core + Tenable Web App Scanning, you can configure your Tenable Web App Scanning Scanner to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

Before you begin:

  • Log in to Tenable Core in a browser, as described in Log In to Tenable Core.
  • (Optional) If you want to connect Tenable Core + Tenable Web App Scanning to Tenable Vulnerability Management via a proxy, configure a proxy connection to the internet, as described in Configure a Proxy Server.

To configure Tenable Web App Scanning in Tenable Core:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Web Application Scanner.

    The Link pop-up window appears.

    Tip: Click the notepad icon icon next to the Link URL: option to reopen the window.

  2. In the Link Key: box, type your Tenable Vulnerability Management linking key.

    Note: To retrieve your Tenable Vulnerability Management linking key, log in to the Tenable platform and navigate to Settings > Sensors > Web Application Scanners > Add Web Application Scanner. On the pop-out tab, your linking key appears.

  3. In the Scanner Name: box, type a name for your scanner as you want it to appear in Tenable Vulnerability Management.
  4. In the Host: box, type

    Note: To link to Tenable Web App Scanning FedRAMP Moderate, use

  5. (Optional) If you configured a proxy for Tenable Core to connect to Tenable Vulnerability Management, select the Connect Using Proxy: check box.

  6. Click Activate Scanner.

    A success message appears.

    Your Web Application Scanner appears in the scanner list on Tenable Vulnerability Management. For more information, see Web Application Scans in the Tenable Web App Scanning User Guide.