You can create, configure, and manage scans in Tenable Vulnerability Management.

Section Description
Manage Scans

Create, import, and launch scans. View and manage scans and scan results.

Scans (Unified Configuration) Overview

Create, launch, and manage Tenable Vulnerability Management and Tenable Web App Scanning scans in the Tenable Vulnerability Management unified user interface.

Scan Templates and Settings

Use a Tenable-provided scanner template, agent template or a user-defined template to configure scan settings.


Link your sensors, such as Tenable Nessus scanners, Tenable Nessus Agents, and Tenable Nessus Network Monitors, to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

Note: For information about scanning in Tenable Web App Scanning, see the Tenable Web App Scanning Getting Started Guide.

Note: For information about scanning in Tenable Container Security, see Tenable Container Security Scanner Scanning Overview.