Scan Settings

Scan settings enable you to refine parameters in scans to meet your specific network security needs. The scan settings you can configure vary depending on the Tenable-provided template on which a scan or user-defined template is based.

You can configure these settings in individual scans or in user-defined templates from which you create individual scans.

Scan settings are organized into the following categories:

Tenable Vulnerability Management Scans Tenable Web App Scanning Scans

Settings in User-Defined Templates

When configuring settings for user-defined templates, note the following:

  • If you configure a setting in a user-defined template, that setting applies to any scans you create based on that user-defined template.
  • You base a user-defined template on a Tenable-provided template. Most of the settings are identical to the settings you can configure in an individual scan that uses the same Tenable-provided template.

    However, certain Basic settings are unique to creating a user-defined template, and do not appear when configuring an individual scan. For more information, see Basic Settings in User-Defined Templates.

  • You can configure certain settings in a user-defined template, but cannot modify those settings in an individual scan based on a user-defined template. These settings include Discovery, Assessment, Report, Advanced, Compliance, SCAP, and Plugins. If you want to modify these settings for individual scans, create individual scans based on a Tenable-provided template instead.

  • If you configure Credentials in a user-defined template, other users can override these settings by adding scan-specific or managed credentials to scans based on the template.