Install or Upgrade the CLI

You must download the Tenable.cs CLI before you can use it in a CI/CD job. The procedure to install the Tenable.cs CLI varies for each operating system. You can also upgrade to the latest version of the Tenable.cs CLI on macOS and Linux.

Before you begin:

  • You must have a Tenable.cs user account with an Operator role.

  • Create a project in the Tenable.cs Console to scan the IaC repository to use for the CI/CD builds.

  • Download the configuration file.

Install the Tenable.cs from the Web Console

To download and install the Tenable.cs CLI:

  1. Access Tenable.cs.

  2. On the Home page, click the project for which you want to download the Tenable.cs CLI.

  3. On the Project details panel, click the CLI download link.

    The CLI usage instructions window appears.

  4. Select the target operating system you are planning to execute the CLI on from the OS drop-down list and click .

    The following CLI installation executable file is downloaded depending on your selection of operating system:

    • Windows: accurics

    • macOS: accurics_mac

    • Linux: accurics_linux

    Note: Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the CLI directly from the following URLs:
  5. Give execute permission to the downloaded CLI file. For example, chmod +x accurics_linux.

Install or Upgrade the Tenable.cs CLI from Homebrew

Tenable.cs CLI is also available on Homebrew. You can upgrade the CLI only on Linux and macOS.

To install or upgrade the Tenable.cs CLI:

  1. Run one of the following command on a macOS or Linux system:

    • brew install accurics

    • brew upgrade accurics

What to do next:

Place the Tenable.cs executable and the Tenable.cs configuration file in the CI/CD build repository.