Connect Repositories

Required Tenable.cs User Role: Administrator.

Before Tenable.cs starts monitoring the code in your repositories, you must connect your repositories to Tenable.cs Console. You can connect using one of the following methods:

  • Connect to a Repository Using Version Control

    Connect your repository using Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab.

    Note: To set up an SCM integration, Tenable.cs requires an admin-level account. This allows Tenable.cs to grant itself as an authorized OAuth application to discover and scan all Infrastructure as Code (IaC) projects across all repositories within your SCM account. The admin-level privileges also allow Tenable.cs to create a webhook for auto-remediation and inline reviews to automate pull requests with remediation details.
  • Connect to a Repository Using the CLI

    Download and install command-line interface (CLI) on your system to scan your IaC repositories.

Note: Make sure that the repository names do not have any special characters.