Transition to Permission Configurations

Required User Role: Administrator

Tenable is converting all access groups into permission configurations. As this conversion runs, you may notice your existing access groups undergoing changes. Moving forward, Tenable recommends that you use permissions to manage user and group access to resources on your instance. For more information, see Transition to Permission Configurations. has consolidated and moved user and group management to the Access Control page to make access management more intuitive and efficient.

As part of this effort, is replacing Access Groups with Permissions, a feature that allows you to create permission configurations. These permission configurations use tags to determine which users and groups on your instance can perform specific tasks with your organization's resources.

Previously, you had to create access groups to customize access settings for users on your instance. When you create a permission configuration, you can view and manage access settings for users and groups on the Access Control page, where you manage users and groups. plans to retire access groups once all existing access groups are converted into permissible configurations. encourages you to use permission configurations to manage user access to your resources.

What to Expect

As converts your access group data into permission configurations, you may notice the following changes:

  • has split up your access groups that have more than one access group type and recreated them as separate groups based on type. For more information about access group types, see Access Group Types.

  • has converted all your Scan Target type access groups into Manage Assets type access groups.

  • has updated access group rule filters to match tag rule filters and operators.

  • For each access group on your instance that is based on rules instead of tags, has created tags based on the access group rules and updated the groups to reference the new tags. For more information about tag rules, see Tag Rules.

  • For each access group on your install, has created permission configurations based on the rules and user permissions defined in that access group.

Task Parity

The following table lists common tasks you may perform on the Access Groups page and their equivalent tasks on the Permissions page.

Access Groups Permissions
Create an Access Group Create and Add a Permission Configuration
View Your Assigned Access Groups View Your Account Details
Edit an Access Group Edit a Permission Configuration
Configure User Permissions for an Access Group
Delete an Access Group Delete a Permission Configuration