Create a Tag

In the Tag Overview, you can create a static tag to apply to assets individually. You can also create an automatic tag by creating tag rules that the Asset Inventory uses to identify and tag matching assets.

For a demonstration on how to create a tag, see the following video:

To create a tag:

  1. Access the Tag Overview.

  2. Click Create tag .

    The Create a Tag page appears.

  3. In the Tag category drop-down, do one of the following:

    • Select an existing category to which to add the new tag.

    • Add a new tag category:

      1. In the text box, type a name for the new category.

      2. In the Add new Category section, click the button.

        The Asset Inventory adds the new category.

  4. In the Tag value text box, type a name for the tag value.

  5. In the Tag type section, choose the type of tag to create:

    Tip: For more information, see Tag Format and Application.

  6. Click Create tag .

    The Asset Inventory saves the tag and applies it to the appropriate assets.