Generate a Blast Radius Query

In the Attack Path section, you can generate a query to view Blast Radius, which helps you to visualize an attack path from one asset to multiple other assets.

To generate a Blast Radius query:

  1. In Attack Path Analysis, access the Discover tab.

  2. Click Blast Radius.

    The Source and Target sections appear. The Target box shows the AllAssets option by default.

  3. In the Source text box, click the button.

    The source options appear.

  4. For each source you want to include in the query:

    1. Select the radio button next to the type of source you want to use for the query:

      • Asset type — Generate a query based on a certain type of asset.

      • Specific asset — Generate a query based on a specific asset.

    2. In the text box, type the asset type or specific node/asset you want to use for the query.

  5. Click Search .

    Attack Path Analysis returns any attack paths that match the query you created. For more information on interacting with the data, see Interact With Attack Path Data.

  6. (Optional) To save the query as a preset, at the top of the pane, click the button.

    The Save as preset window appears:

    1. In the Name of preset text box, type a name for the query.

    2. In the Description of preset text box, type a description of the query.

    3. Click Save preset .

      Attack Path Analysis saves the query as a preset.

What to do next:

Interact with the attack path data provided by the query.