View Log History

You can use the Log History page to view the following details for a finding:

  • State changes, whether Open or Archived.

  • Any change in the status: To Do, In Progress, In Review, Or Done.

  • Changes in the priority level: Critical, High, Medium, or Low.

The priority of a finding can change for a number of reasons, including a change in the number of targets, sources, attack paths, or critical assets. Priority can also change if the target or source is renamed.

To view the log history of a finding:

  1. Access the Findings tab.

  2. In the Findings list, in the row of the finding for which you want to view the log history, click the button.

    A menu appears.

  3. Click Log History.

    The Log History page appears, where you can view a reverse chronological list of findings updates. To refresh the details on the page, click the icon.