Agent Scans

To perform agent scanning, fetches agent scan results from agent-capable or Nessus Manager scanners. Using Nessus agents for scanning reduces network usage and allows devices to maintain their scan schedules even when disconnected from the network. fetches these results for review in conjunction with other acquired information about the host and network.

The Agent Scans page displays a list of all available agent scans. Newly created agent scan import schedules are shared to everyone within the same user group when users have the appropriate permissions.

When more than one Agent scan result is ready on or Nessus Manager, the scan results queue for import to

For more information, see Agent Scan Settings and Manage Agent Scans.

To fully configure agent scanning:

  1. Configure Nessus Agents in either or Nessus Manager, as described in Deployment Workflow in the Nessus Agent Deployment and User Guide.
  2. Add or Nessus Manager as a Nessus scanner in, as described in Nessus Scanners.
  3. Add an agent repository in, as described in Add a Repository.
  4. Add an agent scan in, as described in Add an Agent Scan.

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