Scan Results

The Scan Results page displays scan results and statuses from active scans, agent scans, and agent synchronization jobs .

Note: does not include all agent scans in the scan results table. If an agent scan imports scan results identical to the previous agent scan, omits the most recent agent scan from the scan results table.

Note: If you added the parent node of a Nessus Manager cluster as a scanner in, displays scan results for all child nodes. For more information, see Clustering in the Nessus User Guide.

Note: For each agent synchronization job result for a child node, imports a metadata record containing no vulnerability data. This metadata record appears as a second result on the Scan Results page. To prevent from importing the metadata file, configure and launch agent scans from, as described in Agent Scans.

For more information, see Manage Scan Results and Scan Result Statuses.