Log In to the Web Interface

Required User Role: Any

To log in to the Tenable.sc Director configuration interface:

  1. Open a supported web browser on a system that has access to the system’s network address space.

    Note: You must access the Tenable.sc Director web interface using a secure web connection (HTTPS) with SSL/TLS 1.2 enabled. Tenable.sc Director recommends configuring the strongest encryption supported by your browser.

    For more information, see Encryption Strength.

  2. Clear your web browser's cache.
  3. Navigate to the URL for your Tenable.sc Director: https://<SERVER ADDRESS OR NAME>/.

    Where <SERVER ADDRESS OR NAME> is the IPv4 or IPv6 address or hostname for your Tenable.sc Director.

    The Tenable.sc Director web interface appears.

  4. Log in using the supported method for your account configuration.

    Note: If you are the first administrator user logging in to Tenable.sc Director, see Inital Login Considerations.

    Tenable.sc Director logs you in and displays the dashboard with different elements depending on your user role.

Inital Login Considerations

When you log in to Tenable.sc Director for the first time, Tenable.sc Director displays the Quick Setup Guide welcome page to begin a multi-step setup process for initial configuration. For more information about quick setup, see Quick Setup.

If you prefer to configure the system manually, click Exit Quick Setup Guide. For more information about getting started with Tenable.sc Director, see Get Started With Tenable.sc Director.