User groups are a way to group rights to objects within an organization, and then quickly assign these rights to one or more users. A user's group membership determines their access to security data. When a user creates various objects such as reports, scan policies, dashboards, and other similar items, these objects are automatically shared among the group members if the group permissions allow view and control.

For more information, see Add a Group, View Group Details, and Delete a Group.

Group Options

Option Description

General tab


The name for the group.


A description for the group (e.g., security team at the central office or executives on the east coast).

Viewable Hosts

The IP addresses and agent IDs that are viewable by the group. The selection is made by all defined assets or the selection of one or more asset lists.


The repositories you want to share with the group.


The LCEs you want to assign to the group.

Sample Content

When enabled, Tenable provides sample content objects to users in the group:

  • sample dashboards (Executive 7 Day, Executive Summary, and Vulnerability Overview)
  • sample reports (Critical and Exploitable Vulnerabilities, Monthly Executive, and Remediation Instructions by Host)
  • sample ARCs (CCC 1: Maintain an Inventory of Software and Hardware, CCC 2: Remove Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations, CCC 3: Deploy a Secure Network, CCC 4: Authorize Users, and CCC 5: Search for Malware and Intruders)
  • sample assets required for the sample ARCs

After enabling Sample Content, you must add a new user to the group before all users in the group can access the sample content.

Note: If a user in a group deletes a sample content object, the object is deleted for all other users in that group.

Note: If you move a sample content object owner (e.g., move the first user in group A to group B),

  1. Assigns their dashboards and ARCs to a new sample content object owner in group A. does not reassign reports or assets.

  2. Recreates their dashboards, ARCs, and assets required for ARCs in group B. does not recreate reports.

Share to Group tab

Available Objects The list of available objects to be shared with the group on creation or edit in a bulk operation.