Linked User Accounts

If a user needs to perform administrator and non-administrator tasks in Director, you can configure linked user accounts to allow an Administrator user to switch to one or more Security Manager users without logging out and logging back in to Director.

Users with linked user accounts can use a single set of login credentials to log in to Director as an Administrator, then switch to a linked Security Manager, from one linked Security Manager to another, or from a linked Security Manager to the linked Administrator. You do not need to re-authenticate to switch between linked user accounts after logging in as the linked Administrator.

The following restrictions apply to linked user accounts:

  • Each Administrator can have one linked Security Manager per organization.
  • Linked Security Managers can be associated with only one Administrator user account.
  • Linked Security Managers cannot log in to Director directly. You must log into the Administrator account associated to the linked Security Manager, then switch users.
  • You cannot convert a standalone user account to a linked user account.
  • You cannot convert a linked user account to a standalone user account. To unlink a Security Manager user from an Administrator user, delete the linked Security Manager, then create a standalone Security Manager.

For more information about user accounts in Director, see User Access and User Roles.

For more information about linked user accounts, see: