Migrate Scan History

As part of Extended Migration, you can optionally migrate scan history from Nessus to Tenable.io. Unlike other data that migrates automatically, this process must be launched manually.

Before You Begin

To migrate scan history from Nessus to Tenable.io:

  1. As an administrator, log in to Nessus.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Settings.

  3. In the left navigation bar, click Extended Migration.

    The Extended Migration to Tenable.io page appears.

  4. Click the Scan History tab.

  5. In the upper-right corner, click the Change Settings button.
  6. Type the following to edit the scan history migration settings:
    • Days of history: The number of days of scan history you want to upload. Typing 0 uploads all scan history.
    • Concurrent uploads: The number of scan history items that Nessus uploads in parallel. A higher number of concurrent uploads can complete faster but uses more bandwidth. Given dependencies on connectivity with Tenable.io, we recommend not setting this higher than 10.
    • Seconds to sleep between uploads: The number of seconds that Nessus waits before starting the next batch of uploads. Increase the time Nessus waits between uploads if you have limited upload bandwidth.
  7. Click Update Settings.

    Nessus filters scan history based on the migration settings and displays a table with the scan history to be upgraded.

  8. (Optional) To skip a scan history item, in its row, click .
  9. (Optional) To include a skipped scan history item, in its row, click .
  10. Click Migrate.

    Nessus migrates the selected scan history items to Tenable.io. The Status indicates the progress of the migration.

    Note: This process may take a long period of time, depending on connectivity and the amount of data being migrated. The migration continues to run until complete.

What to Do Next

  • Monitor any remaining items on the Extended Migration page. This includes scan history and any scanners and agents that have not yet checked in.
  • (Optional) If you are done upgrading scan history and do not plan to upgrade any more data, you can disable migration.
  • Learn more about Tenable.io/tenableio.