Monitor Managed Scanners Migration

In Nessus Manager, as part of Extended Migration, managed scanners are automatically relinked from Nessus to You can monitor the progress of the migration and manually retry any failed scanners.


  • There may be complications with migrating linked Nessus Professional scanners and managed scanners, which are not supported scenarios.
  • Managed scanners in Nessus Manager remain as managed scanners in
  • A scanner must be version 8.2.0 or later to be migrated to
  • If a scanner is on a lower version than 8.2.0, Nessus automatically updates a scanner to the latest version before it can be linked. If software updates are disabled, Nessus temporarily overrides those settings to update the scanner.
  • Scans that are configured to use a scanner that is in the process of being migrated do not run until the scanner has successfully relinked to

Before You Begin

To monitor scanner migration progress:

  1. In Nessus, in the top navigation bar, click Settings.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Extended Migration.

    The Extended Migration to page appears.

  3. Click the Scanners tab.

    Nessus displays the list of scanners to be upgraded to and their status. It may take several minutes for Nessus to complete upgrading your scanners to

    If the scanner needs a software update, it may take longer, depending on the interval the scanner checks for software updates. If a scanner is offline, it does not attempt to check in or relink until it is back online.

  4. If a scanner failed to link to, in the scanner row, click to retry linking.

    Nessus retries linking the scanner as a managed scanner to

What to Do Next

  • Monitor any remaining Extended Migration items, such as scan history or agents.
  • (Optional) If your extended migration is complete and you do not plan to upgrade any more data, you can disable migration.
  • Learn more about /tenableio.