View Tenable Web App Scanning Scan Progress

Required Additional License: Tenable Web App Scanning

Required Tenable Web App Scanning User Role: Basic, Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

Required Scan Permissions: Can Control

When you launch a Tenable Web App Scanning scan, you can view the progress of the scan as it runs. Because scan progress information is based on historical data, Tenable Web App Scanning scan progress data appears only for historical scans.

To view scan progress for a Tenable Web App Scanning scan:

  1. Launch an existing scan.

    The scan status appears in the Status column.

  2. After the status changes from Pending to Running, next to the scan status, view the following scan progress indicators:

    Progress Indicator Description
    Percentage Portion of the scan job that the scanner has already completed, displayed as a percentage of the total estimated scan time.
    Estimate Estimated time remaining for the scanner to complete the scan, displayed in minutes.
    Overdue Amount of extra time the scan job is taking compared to previous scan jobs. This indicator only appears if the scan is running longer than previous scans.
    Progress bar Visual indicator of the time remaining for the scanner to complete the scan. When the scan is complete or stops for any other reason (for example, if Tenable Vulnerability Management aborts the scan), the progress bar disappears.