Edit User Account Details

Required User Role: Business Admin

You can have multiple users in a business account and assign all or specific inventories to each user. Tenable Attack Surface Management has two user roles — Active User and Business Admin. Once the user that you create in Tenable Vulnerability Management logs in to Tenable Attack Surface Management for the first time, that user appears in the list of users in Tenable Attack Surface Management . By default, the new user's role is Active User.

To change the role of a user in Tenable Attack Surface Management:

  1. In the upper right corner, click the icon.

    By default, Tenable Attack Surface Management shows the Users window with the Find User section and the table listing all users.

  2. (Optional) Search for a specific user by providing relevant details in the Find User section:

    Parameters Description
    Email The email ID of the user.
    Inventory The inventory assigned to the user. The drop-down lists all the inventories in Tenable Attack Surface Management.
    Additional filters

    In the Additional filters section, provide the following:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Role / Status

  3. Click Search.

    Tenable Attack Surface Management displays the list of users in a table format.

  4. In the row of the user you want to edit, click Edit.

    The Edit user window appears.

    Note: You can edit the email ID, first name, and last name in Tenable Vulnerability Management.
  5. In the Role / Status drop-down box, select the required user role from the options available:

    • Active User — Allows users to manage inventories.

    • Not approved — Restricts users from accessing Tenable Attack Surface Management until approval.

    • Disabled — Restricts access to Tenable Attack Surface Management.

    • Business Admin — Allows users to edit user accounts, assign roles, and add inventories to businesses.

    • View-only User — Allows users to only view inventories and not modify them. The View-only users do not have permissions to create new inventories.

  6. In the Inventories box, select the inventories you want to assign to the user account.

  7. Click Update.

    Note: If you want to grant access to all inventories for the user account, click Grant access to all inventories in Business.

    Tenable Attack Surface Management updates the user account and displays the following user details in a table format.

    Column Description
    ID The ID assigned to the user.
    Name The name of the user.
    Email The email ID of the user.
    Role The role assigned to the user.
    Status The status of the account, whether active or disabled.
    Inventory The inventories assigned to the user account.
    Created The date on which the account was created.