Asset Details

When you click on an asset in Tenable Attack Surface Management, a page appears that includes all known information about the asset.

To view details for an asset in your inventory:

  1. In Tenable Attack Surface Management, in the upper-right corner, click the button.

    In the drop-down list, select an inventory.

  2. In the list, hover over the asset for which you want to view more details.

  3. Click the button.

    The details page for the asset appears.

  4. (Optional) To refresh details for the asset, at the bottom of the asset details page, click the Update button.

  5. (Optional) Export the asset.

The Asset Details page includes the following details:

Severity Breakdown

Networking Details

Services Details

SSL/TLS Details

Location Details

This section includes a pin on a map, and any known location details for the asset, including continent, country, time zone, and the country where the asset is registered.

HTTP Details