The Triage panel of Tenable Attack Surface Management provides a high-level overview of your assets by listing the critical events in your organization along with the number of your affected assets.

To view the Triage panel:

  1. In the right-hand side bar, click Triage.

    The Triage panel appears with the following details:

    • List of critical events or triage items in the order of their severity level with the number of affected assets and the category of the event. The events appear in the order of their severity levels — the most important ones appear first. Each triage item also displays the difference in the previous and current number of affected assets as a percentage. Event names are based on the subscription templates.

    • Tenable Attack Surface Management automatically refreshes the list daily. To refresh the data, click > Refresh. Once you click Refresh, the option gets disabled for an hour accordingly.

    • Click an event name to view the assets with the applied filters on the Inventory page.

    • Click Show All to open Triage on a separate page.