Secure Relay for Tenable Identity Exposure

As of version 3.59, the Secure Relay component takes over designated tasks in the Tenable Identity Exposure platform:

  • Allows you to configure domains from which it forwards the data to the Directory Listener (DL) component which collects AD objects.

  • Facilitates the setup and maintenance for large infrastructures through automatic updates: No longer needs multiple DLs that require simultaneous upgrades.

  • Acts a bridge between the single DL and various endpoints, such as domain controllers, SMTP or SYSLOG servers or LDAP servers for in-product authentication.

  • Ties to one or several domains. The DL can manage an unlimited number of Relays.

  • Requires configuration in the Tenable Identity Exposure console, such as namings and mappings (domain, SMTP, SYSLOG, LDAP authentication).

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