Activate Nessus BYOL Scanner Linked to

To activate the Nessus BYOL Scanner linked to and managed by

  1. Navigate to the Nessus UI on Port 8834, for example, https://<NessusBYOL-IP>:8834.

    The Welcome to Nessus page appears.

  2. Select Managed Scanner.

  3. Click Continue.

    The Managed Scanner page appears.

  4. From the Managed by drop-down box, select
  5. In the Linking Key box, paste the linking key copied in the Obtain Linking Key section.
  6. Click Continue. begins managing Nessus and plugins begin downloading. For more information, see the Nessus User Guide.

To confirm the Nessus BYOL Scanner in

  1. Log in to
  2. In the top menu bar, click Scans.

    The My Scans page appears.

  3. In the left-hand menu, click Scanners.

    The Scanners page appears. Confirm the BYOL Scanner appears in the Linked Scanners list.