Edit a Tenable MSSP User

Required User Role: Administrator

To edit a user in Tenable MSSP:

  1. In the upper left corner, click the button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. In the left navigation plane, click Users.

    The Users page appears.

  3. In the table, click the name of the user you want to edit.

    The Edit User page appears.

  4. (Optional) Edit the user Full Name, Email, Password, and/or Role.
  5. (Optional) In the Authentication section, select or deselect the available security setting options as required:
    • API — Allows the user to generate API keys.

      Tip: You can select only this setting to create an API-only user account.

    • SAML — Allows the user to log in to their account using a SAML single sign-on (SSO).
    • Username/Password — Allows the user to log in to their account using a username and password.

      Note: If you deselect this option, you cannot select the Two-Factor option.

    • Two-Factor Required — Requires the user to provide two-factor authentication to log in to their account.

  6. (Optional) Assign the user to one or more accounts.
  7. (Optional) If the user has one or more assigned accounts, unassign the user from the accounts.
  8. (Optional) Generate API keys for the user.
  9. Click Save.

    Tenable MSSP saves the changes for the user.