Assign a Tenable MSSP User to an Account

Required User Role: Administrator

In Tenable MSSP, you can assign newly created users or existing users to one or more accounts. This allows you to control user access based on your business needs. For example, you may want to allow administrators or supervisors to access all accounts, while limiting the accounts to which an analyst has access based on their geographical location or their market specialization.

Note: You can only assign non-administrator users to accounts.

To assign a Tenable MSSP user to an account:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Create a user.

      The Create User page appears.

    • Edit an existing user.

      The Edit User page appears.

  2. In the left panel, click the Accounts tab.

    The Accounts page appears, which displays a list of all accounts to which the user is assigned.

  3. In the top right corner of the page, click the Assign Accounts button.

    The Assign Accounts panel appears.

  4. Select the check box(es) next to the account or Accounts to which you want to assign the user.

  5. Click Save.

    Upon saving the user or changes to the user, Tenable MSSP assigns the user to the designated account(s).