The Accounts page in Tenable MSSP is the main dashboard through which you can view and manage your Tenable MSSP customer accounts.

On the Accounts page, you can do the following:

  • View information about each account in the table:
    • Name — The account name.
    • Custom Name — Where applicable, the custom name of the account.
    • Licenses Provisioned — The number of licenses provisioned for the account.
    • Licenses Limit — The license limit for the account.
    • Utilization % — The percentage of licenses provisioned within the license limit.
    • Licensed Apps — The list of applications for which the account has subscriptions.
    • Region — The region in which the account resides.
    • Logo — Where applicable, the logo added to the account. For more information, see Logos.
    • Notes — Where applicable, notes about the account.
    • Actions — The list of actions that you can take:
  • Use the Search box to filter the customer accounts in the table:
    1. In the Search box, type the criteria by which you want to search the accounts table.
    2. Click the button.

      Tenable MSSP filters the table by your search criteria.

  • Use the Filters box to filter your search. For more information, see Filter a Table.

  • Create an Eval Account
  • Use Single Sign-On to Access a Customer Instance
  • Assign a Logo to an Account
  • Remove a Logo from an Account
  • Edit a Customer Account