NetApp API Compliance Checks

The NetApp API plugin scans the network appliance node using the provided API from NetApp.

To use the NetApp API plugin, see the following:


  • The NetApp API is a single endpoint with a XML payload. The difference is in the payload on what data is returned. This is different when compared to other REST APIs that use the URI path and request method to identify the data to be returned.
  • There are 2 scopes for the API payload.
    • Node: If the payload does not include a vfiler attribute in the request, then the API request relates to node specific information.
    • vFiler: If the payload includes the vfiler attribute, then the scope is only to the requested vfiler.
  • Most API requests will attempt to retrieve data from the node scope first, and if there is a failure, will attempt to retrieve data from all inscope vfilers.
  • API requests have a retry value of 3. If an attempted HTTPS call fails 3 times, it produces a critical error and exit.
  • API requests are cached. A request using the same target, credentials, and request that is repeated will be pulled from memory.