Unix Content Command Line Examples

In this section, we will create a fake text document with a .tns extension and then run several simple to complex .audit files against it. As we go through each example, we will try each supported case of the File Content parameters.

We will also use the nasl command line binary. For each of the .audit files, you can easily drop these into your scan policies, but for quick audits of one system, this way is very efficient. The command we will execute each time from the /opt/nessus/bin directory will be:

# ./nasl -t <IP> /opt/nessus/lib/nessus/plugins/ unix_file_content_compliance_check.nbin

The <IP> is the IP address of the system you will be auditing.

With Nessus, when running the .nbin (or any other plugin), it will prompt you for the credentials of the target system, plus the location of the .audit file.

This section includes the following information: