Tenable Security Center assets are lists of devices (for example, laptops, servers, tablets, or phones) within a Tenable Security Center organization. Assets can be shared with one or more users based on local security policy requirements.

You can add an asset to group devices that share common attributes. Then, you can use the asset during scan configuration to target the devices in the asset. Examples of common attributes include:

  • IP address ranges

  • hardware types

  • vulnerabilities

  • outdated software versions

  • operating systems

Tenable Security Center supports template-based and custom assets. For more information, see Add a Template-Based Asset and Add a Custom Asset. To view details for any of your assets, see View Asset Details.

To view details about individual hosts that appear in your assets, see View Hosts and View Host Details.

Note: When a scan import completes, it queues a job to calculate all dynamic and combination assets for the import repository. The next scan import does not begin until the previous scan import asset job completes. Usually the asset job runs quickly, but delays can occur due to extremely large repositories, a large quantity of assets, a backlogged job queue, or other system issues. This does not affect running scans.

Asset lists are calculated for each repository, and updating one repository does not affect other repositories.