Required User Role: Administrator or organizational user with appropriate permissions. For more information, see User Roles.

Administrator users can view Tenable-provided Overview , LCE Overview, and Health Overview dashboards. For more information, see Overview Dashboard , LCE Overview Dashboard, and Health Overview Dashboard.

Organizational users can configure custom or template-based dashboards that contain dashboard components, which display vulnerability, event, ticket, user, and alert data for analysis. When viewing vulnerability or event data, you can drill into the underlying dataset for further evaluation.

Tip: Tenable provides many dashboard templates (for example, the VPR Summary dashboard). For a complete index of Tenable-provided dashboard templates, see the Tenable Security Center Dashboards blog.

Dashboards allow you to organize similar dashboard components to streamline your analysis. Instead of creating a single dashboard with several dozen dashboard components, you can create several dashboards that group similar dashboard components together. For example, you can create two separate dashboards to view active scanning data and passive scanning data.

Note: Dashboards display vulnerability, event, and other scan data. Tenable recommends configuring several data sources to optimize the data you see in dashboards. For more information, see Scanning Overview.

Tip: Tenable Security Center automatically refreshes dashboard data once per day. To refresh all dashboard components on demand as an organizational user, click Refresh All.

For more information, see:

Dashboard Options





The name of the dashboard.


(Optional) A description for the dashboard.


The number and arrangement of dashboard columns.