Migrate to Oracle Linux 8 Tenable Core (Nessus)

To migrate your Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus application to Oracle Linux 8 (OL8), you need to perform two tasks: back up your current data and then restore your backup in the Core user interface with OL8.

Note: During a backup or a restore, Tenable Core stops the Tenable Nessus application service. You cannot use Tenable Core during this time. After the backup or restore completes, your services restart and Tenable Nessus resumes normal function.

Before you begin:

  • The application must be the same version on both the source and destination systems. The version matching can be an upgrade on the old system, or a downgrade on the new system. This is required.

    Note: If you get the error message: "This backup was taken from an incompatible version of Tenable Core (tc#) and it cannot be restored on this tc# system. The application version of this backup (v# X.X.X) is not compatible with the version installed on this system (v# X.X.X)," you must manually downgrade the OL8 system using the process found in Downgrade Before Migration.

  • Check your firewall settings and confirm that your computer can access port 8090 on Tenable Core, as described in Access Requirements.
  • For help with issues encountered during the process, refer to the FAQ.