Restore a Backup

You can restore a backup to return an application to a prior state using remote or local storage.

Note: During a backup or a restore, Tenable Core stops the Tenable Security Center application service. You cannot use Tenable Security Center or the Tenable Security Center interface during this time.

After the backup or restore completes, your services restart and Tenable Security Center resumes normal function.

Before you begin:

  • Check your firewall settings and confirm that your computer can access port 8090 on Tenable Core, as described in Access Requirements.

To restore an application backup:

  1. Log in to Tenable Core via the user interface, as described in Log In to Tenable Core.

    The System page appears.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Backup/Restore.

    The Backup/Restore page appears.

  3. In the UPLOAD AND RESTORE section, click Choose a file.

    Your file manager appears.

  4. Select the desired backup file.
  5. Click Open.

    A details window for the backup appears.

  6. If prompted, confirm that you want to upgrade or downgrade your current Tenable Core application version to match the application version from your backup file.

    1. Click Install Correct Version.

      A confirmation window appears.

    2. Click Replace.

      Tenable Core installs the correct version of your application.

      The Restore window appears.

  7. Click Restore.

    The system restores your backup to Tenable Core.

    Note: Do not log out of Tenable Core or close your browser until after the Uploading the archive task is complete. If you end your session early, the restore fails.

    When the restore finishes, a success message appears.

    Tip: If the restore attempt fails, an error message appears with details and remediation instructions. Resolve the errors and click Retry.