Migrate to Oracle Linux 8 Tenable Core (Tenable Security Center)

To migrate your Tenable Security Center application to Oracle Linux 8 (OL8), you need to perform two tasks: back up your current data and then restore your backup in the Core user interface with OL8.

Note: Your backup may fail if it occurs while Tenable Security Center processes are active. To avoid backup failures, Tenable recommends that you coordinate your on-demand and scheduled backups around Tenable Security Center freeze windows. For more information about Tenable Security Center freeze windows, see Freeze Windows in the Tenable Security Center User Guide.

Note: If you are migrating to new hardware, review the information in the Requirements section of the Tenable Security Center User Guide.

Before you begin:

  • The application must be the same version on both the source and destination systems. The version matching can be an upgrade on the old system, or a downgrade on the new system. This is required.

    Note: If you get the error message: "This backup was taken from an incompatible version of Tenable Core (tc#) and it cannot be restored on this tc# system. The application version of this backup (v# X.X.X) is not compatible with the version installed on this system (v# X.X.X)," you must manually downgrade the OL8 system using the process found in Downgrade Before Migration.

  • Configure your remote storage host, as described in Configure Storage for Tenable Core Backups.
  • Check your firewall settings and confirm that your computer can access port 8090 on Tenable Core, as described in Access Requirements.
  • For help with issues encountered during the process, refer to the FAQ.

Note: If the hostname on each system is different, a new license file is required.