Organize Scans by Folder

Required Tenable Vulnerability Management User Role: Basic, Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

In Tenable Vulnerability Management, the Scans page contains a Folders section that automatically groups your configured and imported scans into default folders. To organize your scans further, you can create custom folders.

To organize your scans by folder:

  1. View scans in default folders.

    Note: You cannot rename or delete the default folders.

    By default, Tenable Vulnerability Management provides the following folders:

    Folder Description
    My Scans

    Contains scans that you have created or imported.

    This folder appears by default when you access the Scans page.

    All Scans
    • (Administrators) Contains scans created by any users.
    • (All other users) Contains:

      • Scans that you have created
      • Any shared scans for which you have Can View permissions or higher
    Remediation Scans Contains any remediation scans you own or that another user has shared with you.

    Contains scans that you have moved to the trash. If you have Can Configure permissions for a scan in this folder, you can permanently delete the scan for all users.

    If you delete a custom folder that contains scans, Tenable Vulnerability Management automatically moves any scans in the deleted folder to the Trash folder.

  2. (Optional) Manage custom folders using the following procedures:

Manage scan folders

Use the following procedures to manage your custom scan folders: