AWS Cloud Connector (Discovery Only)

The following is not supported in Tenable FedRAMP Moderate environments. For more information, see the Tenable FedRAMP Moderate Product Offering.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud connector provides real-time visibility and inventory of EC2 assets in AWS accounts.

You can create an AWS connector to discover AWS assets and import them to Tenable Vulnerability Management. Assets discovered through the connectors do not count against the license until and unless the asset is scanned for vulnerabilities.

Tip: To configure an AWS connector with Frictionless Assessment, which allows you to assess EC2 instances for vulnerabilities without configuring agents or scans, see Frictionless Assessment for AWS.

You can create AWS connectors for discovery with either of the following configurations:

Supported Regions

The following regions are supported for AWS Discovery Connectors:

  • us-east-1, US East (N. Virginia)

  • us-east-2, US East (Ohio)

  • us-west-1, US West (N. California)

  • us-west-2, US West (Oregon)

  • ca-central-1, Canada (Central)

  • ap-south-1, Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

  • ap-northeast-1, Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

  • ap-northeast-2, Asia Pacific (Seoul)

  • ap-southeast-1, Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  • ap-southeast-2, Asia Pacific (Sydney)

  • ap-southeast-3, Asia Pacific (Jakarta)

  • eu-central-1, EU (Frankfurt)

  • eu-west-1, EU (Ireland)

  • eu-west-2, EU (London)

  • eu-west-3, EU (Paris)

  • me-south-1, Middle East (Bahrain)

  • ap-east-1, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

  • af-south-1, Africa (Cape Town)

  • eu-south-1, Europe (Milan)

  • sa-east-1, South America (São Paulo)

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