Create an Exposure Card via the Tags View

In the Tags view, you can select one or more tags with which to create a custom exposure card. Exposure cards are cards within Lumin Exposure View that group specific data sets to more easily navigate the data for that group. For more information, see the Lumin Exposure View User Guide.

To create an exposure card via the Tags view:

  1. Access the Tags view.

  2. In the tags list, select the tag or tags for which you want to create an exposure card.

    Action buttons appear at the top of the list.

  3. Click Create Exposure Card .

    The Create a new card window appears.

  4. In the Card Name text box, type a name for the exposure card.

  5. In the Description text box, type a brief description of the exposure card.

  6. Click Save .

    Tenable Inventory saves the tag and adds it to the Exposure Card Library in Lumin Exposure View.