View the Exposure Cards Library

An exposure card represents the incoming data from your configured tags and data sources. It aggregates and normalizes the data to provide a visualization of your Cyber Exposure Score (CES) and other metrics. Users can create custom cards, or use Tenable-provided cards to gain insight and guidance on what areas need their attention most.

Note: Because exposure card scores are globally calculated, role-based access control (RBAC) does not affect card data in the Lumin Exposure View.

The Exposure Cards library in the Lumin Exposure View allows you to view the following types of exposure cards:

Card type UI Image

A Tenable-provided Global Exposure Card that shows your Overall Score based on all internal and external data within Lumin Exposure View.

Tenable-provided Category Cards based on data from the following categories:

  • Computing Resources — All data from Tenable Vulnerability Management sources.

  • Identities — All data from Tenable Identity Exposure sources.

    Important: The Identities card is only visible if you've enabled the Use the Tenable Cloud Service option in Tenable Identity Exposure.
  • Cloud Resources — All data from Tenable Cloud Security sources.

  • Operational Technology — All data from Tenable OT Security sources.

  • Web Application — All data from Tenable Web App Scanning sources.

Note: The widgets and data on each card are determined by the type of data within each category.

Data from user-created custom exposure cards.

To view the Exposure Cards library:

  1. Access the Lumin Exposure View.

  2. On the left side of the page, click the Exposure Cards tab.

    A list of Tenable-provided and user-created exposure cards appears.

  3. Click on an exposure card to view: