Lumin Exposure View

The Lumin Exposure View in Tenable One allows you to quickly view your global CES, see its changes and trends over time, view important benchmark comparisons, and assess your overall risk. The Lumin Exposure View includes several tools that help you understand:

  • Your overall security posture as it relates your business context

  • The criticality of your assets

  • The effectiveness of your efforts to remediate vulnerabilities across your workspace

An exposure card represents the incoming data from your configured tags and data sources. It aggregates and normalizes the data to provide a visualization of your Cyber Exposure Score (CES) and other metrics. Users can create custom cards, or use Tenable-provided cards to gain insight and guidance on what areas need their attention most.

Note: Because exposure card scores are globally calculated, role-based access control (RBAC) does not affect card data in the Lumin Exposure View.

To access the Exposure View:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the page, click the button.

  2. In the Analytics section, click Lumin Exposure View.

    The Lumin Exposure View page appears.

In the Lumin Exposure View, you can:

  • View the available exposure cards for which you can view data via the Exposure Cards tab.

  • View your CES for Tenable-provided datasets, or view the CES for a custom set of data via a custom exposure card.

  • View CES trend data for any exposure card.

  • View Remediation Service Level Agreement (SLA) data.

  • View Tag Performance data.

  • Comment on the Exposure View or its widgets.

  • Export the Exposure View or its widgets.

  • View Tenable blog posts related to vulnerability events via the News tab.

Tip: When scrolling the Exposure View, in the upper-right corner, click Back to Top to return to the top of the page.