Roles allow you to manage privileges for major functions and control which Tenable Inventory resources users can access.

Note: These settings are managed directly within Tenable Vulnerability Management. When you access the this section, you are automatically redirected to the Tenable Vulnerability Management user interface.

When you create a user, you must select a role for that user that broadly determines the actions the user can perform. For more information, see Users.

Caution: If you don't have two-factor authentication configured, be sure to disable the Two-Factor Required toggle when creating a user. Failure to do so can cause the user interface to display incorrectly for the user.

Note: You can further refine user access to specific resources by assigning permissions to individual users or groups. For more information, see Permissions.

The Tenable Inventory interface supports the following role types:

  • Administrator — Has all permissions and privileges, is responsible for setting up the account, and knows the organization's architecture. They can create groups to organize different business units, and add and manage users on the account.

  • Custom — Has custom applied privileges specific to organizational needs. For more information, see the following documentation in the Tenable Vulnerability Management User Guide: