Get Started with NNM

  1. Ensure that your setup meets the minimum system requirements:
  2. Obtain the proper license or Activation Code for NNM for your configuration.

    Note: See special activation code instructions for integration with or

  3. Follow the installation steps for your environment:
  4. (Optional) Configure Virtual Switches for use with NNM.
  5. Perform the initial configuration steps for NNM in the web interface.

    After configuration, NNM begins monitoring incoming traffic immediately.

    Note: If you wish to register NNM offline or run NNM in High Performance mode, you must follow several additional configuration steps.

  6. Create users in NNM and set administrative privileges as necessary.
  7. You can view monitored traffic results in dashboards on the Monitoring page and historical data in snapshots and reports on the Results page.

Note: By default, NNM has discovery mode enabled when installed. You must disable discovery mode for NNM to load plugins into memory. For more information on discovery mode, see NNM Settings Section.

For more NNM deployment information, see the NNM Deployment Guide.