Tenable One Synchronization

You can use Tenable One to quickly and accurately assess your Cyber Exposure risk and compare your health and remediation performance to other Tenable customers in your Salesforce industry and the larger population. Tenable Lumin correlates raw vulnerability data with asset business criticality and threat context data to support faster, more targeted analysis workflows than traditional vulnerability management tools. For more information about Tenable One, see Tenable One.

After you acquire a Tenable Lumin license for use with Tenable Security Center, you can configure one or more Tenable Security Center instances to send limited Tenable Security Center data to Tenable Vulnerability Management for use in Tenable One analysis. Tenable Security Center communicates with Tenable Vulnerability Management using an encrypted connection, as described in Encryption Strength.

When you send data to Tenable Vulnerability Management, the system does not remove the data from your Tenable Security Center. You can continue normal operation of Tenable Security Center.

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Tenable One Synchronization Options



Access Key

The Tenable Vulnerability Management API access key for a Tenable Vulnerability Management user with Administrator permissions.

Secret Key

The Tenable Vulnerability Management API secret key for a Tenable Vulnerability Management user with Administrator permissions.

Network Support

Supports accurate tracking of assets in repositories with overlapping IPv4 addresses.

Tip: The default setting for Network Support depends on the Tenable Security Center version where you configured Tenable One synchronization. For the purpose of determining the default setting for Network Support, Tenable Lumin synchronization is configured if you have configured the Tenable.io Connection Settings and selected at least one repository to synchronize.

  • Tenable Security Center 5.18.x or earlier — Disabled by default if Tenable Lumin is already configured.

  • Tenable Security Center 5.19.x or later — Enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

  • Enabled — Tenable Security Center synchronizes each IPv4 repository, agent repository, and universal repository to its own network in Tenable Vulnerability Management, named TSC-Repository Name. You do not need to resolve repository overlaps if you enable Network Support.

    Note: Once enabled, you cannot disable Network Support.

  • Disabled — Tenable Security Center synchronizes all repository data to the Default network in Tenable Vulnerability Management. You must resolve all repository overlaps before synchronizing your Tenable Security Center data to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

For more information, see Networks in the Tenable Vulnerability Management User Guide.

Contact your Tenable representative to enable Network Support.