Network Support and Repository Overlap

Two or more IPv4 repositories overlap if their specified IP Ranges contain intersecting IP addresses. To avoid data merge issues in Tenable Vulnerability Management, Tenable recommends enabling Network Support or resolving all repository overlaps before synchronizing data to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

While both methods avoid data merge issues, Tenable recommends enabling Network Support to support accurate tracking of assets in repositories with overlapping IPv4 addresses without manually resolving repository overlaps.

Synchronize Repositories to Individual Tenable Vulnerability Management Networks

Tip: The default setting for Network Support depends on the Tenable Security Center version where you configured Tenable One synchronization. For the purpose of determining the default setting for Network Support, Tenable Lumin synchronization is configured if you have configured the Connection Settings and selected at least one repository to synchronize.

  • Tenable Security Center 5.18.x or earlier — Disabled by default if Tenable Lumin is already configured.

  • Tenable Security Center 5.19.x or later — Enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Because Network Support synchronizes each IPv4 and agent repository to its own individual network in Tenable Vulnerability Management, repositories with overlap do not cause data merge issues in Tenable Vulnerability Management.

For more information, see Tenable One Synchronization Options.

Resolve Repository Overlaps

If Network Support is disabled and you do not plan to enable it, you must resolve repository overlaps before synchronizing new repositories to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

To resolve an overlap between two repositories, edit the repository configurations and reconfigure the IP Ranges to avoid intersecting IP addresses, as described in IPv4/IPv6 Repositories.

Caution: You cannot resolve data merge issues after synchronizing a repository with Tenable Vulnerability Management; you must enable Network Support or resolve overlapping repositories in Tenable Security Center before synchronizing a repository for the first time.

If you cannot resolve all overlaps and you do not want to enable Network Support, plan to synchronize a limited number of repositories to avoid conflicts. For example, to avoid a conflict between two repositories, synchronize one repository but not the other repository.