Application Data Backup and Restore

Backup and restore requires a connection to a remote storage host. When Tenable Core begins a scheduled or on-demand backup, your files are stored temporarily in /opt/tenablecore/backup/spool before being sent to the configured remote storage host.

Later, you can restore your backup data by uploading your backup file to Tenable Core.

Note: You can also use local backups in Tenable Core. Remote storage is safer and preferred, but local storage can be enabled. In the user interface you can specify how many backups to keep and download backups that are stored locally. For more information, see Configure Storage for Tenable Core Backups.

For more information, see:

If you want to enable or disable a scheduled backup, click Scheduled backups can be configured Here.

Note: During a backup or a restore, Tenable Core stops the OT Security application service. You cannot use Tenable Core during this time. After the backup or restore completes, your services restart and OT Security resumes normal function.

Tip: A virtual machine snapshot backs up the entire virtual machine (application-installed files, application data, OS files, and configurations.) To take a snapshot of your virtual machine, see Take a Snapshot.

Remote Storage Host Requirements

The location where you store your backups must:

  • Have rsync installed.
  • Have an SSH server installed and running.
  • Have sufficient storage space to hold your application's backup data.

  • Have a user with write permissions to manage the remote storage host location.

Note: Tenable Core does not manage your remote storage system. If you have concerns about space on your remote storage system, remove backup files manually when you no longer need them.