User-Defined Templates

Required Template Permissions: Owner

Tenable provides a variety of scan templates for specific scanning purposes. If you want to customize a Tenable-provided scan template and share it with other users, you can create a user-defined scan template.

For information about any scan settings, see Scan Settings.

You can create, edit, copy, export, or delete user-defined Tenable Vulnerability Management and Tenable Web App Scanning Scan templates from the Scans page. You can also import and export Tenable Vulnerability Management scan templates.

To manage your user-defined scan templates:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click the Menu button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. In the left navigation plane, click Scans.

    The Scans page appears.

  3. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the Tools button.

    A menu appears.

  4. Select Manage Scan Templates.

    The Scan Templates page appears.

  5. Below Scan Templates, choose to view Vulnerability Management Scan Templates or Web Application Scan Templates.

    The scan template table updates based on your selection.

Click a template to view or edit its settings and parameters, or use the following procedures to further manage your user-defined templates: