Add a SAML Configuration

Required User Role: Administrator

You can manually enter the details for your SAML configuration or you can upload a metadata.xml file that you download from your identity provider (IdP).

Note: Once SAML is configured for a user, they must log in using the IdP Tile or the URL provided in the SP metadata file (for example, and log back out before they can access the Sign in via SSO link on the Tenable Vulnerability Management login page.

Before you begin:

Review the Tenable SAML Configuration Quick-Reference guide for a step-by-step guide of how to configure SAML for use with Tenable Vulnerability Management. This includes the following high-level steps:

  • Follow the steps described in your IdP's documentation to set up a SAML application for Tenable Vulnerability Management on your IdP account. Your IdP requires an entity ID and a reply URL for Tenable Vulnerability Management to set up the SAML application:


    • ACS/SSO URL/Login URL/Reply URL—

  • In your IdP account, download your metadata.xml file.

Note: Tenable does not currently support a SP-Initiated SAML flow. Because it must be initiated from the Identity Provider side, navigating directly to does not allow SSO.

Important! All users must have an account configured in Tenable Vulnerability Management that matches their SSO login. You must ensure the SSO login matches the FULL Tenable account name (i.e., [email protected]).

To add a new SAML configuration:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click the Menu button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. In the left navigation plane, click Settings.

    The Settings page appears.

  3. Click the SAML tile.

    The SAML page appears.

  4. In the action bar, click Create.

    The SAML Settings page appears.

  5. Do one of the following:

  6. Click Save.

    Tenable Vulnerability Management saves your SAML configuration.

What to do next:

  • Download the metadata.xml from Tenable Vulnerability Management using the Download SP Metadata option in the SAML Configurations table.

  • Upload this file to the SAML application you created for Tenable Vulnerability Management with your SAML provider.

Tip: If you are having trouble configuring SAML, Tenable recommends trying one of the various third-party SAML debugging tools available online. You can also reach out to Tenable Support for further troubleshooting assistance.