Linked Scanners

After you install a Tenable Nessus scanner, Tenable Nessus Network Monitor instance, Tenable Web App Scanning sensor, or Tenable Nessus Agent sensor, you can link it to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

Before you can use linked scanners in Tenable Vulnerability Management scans, you must:

  1. Install the appropriate Tenable product on the sensor or the host you want to scan.
    Sensor TypeMore Information
    Tenable Nessus Agent
    Tenable Nessus Network Monitor
    Tenable Nessus

    Note: If a Tenable Nessus scanner has multiple NICs/interfaces, you may see multiple IPv4/IPv6 addresses for the scanner.

    Tenable Web App Scanning

  2. Link the sensor to Tenable Vulnerability Management.

For more information, see the following topics: