Indicators of Attack

Required license: Indicators of Attack

Tenable Identity Exposure 's Indicators of Attack (IoA) give you the ability to detect attacks on your Active Directory (AD).

A consolidated view of Indicators of Attack shows a timeline and the top 3 incidents that impacted your AD in real time and the attack distribution in a single pane. You can do the following:

  • Visualize every threat from an accurate attack timeline.

  • Analyze in-depth details about an AD attack.

  • Explore MITRE ATT&CK descriptions directly from detected incidents.

For more information about specific IoAs, see .

Note: If you observe a high number of detected attacks, verify that your administrator correctly calibrated the Indicators of Attack by applying the recommended values for the various IoA options. For more information, see To calibrate IoAs.

To show Indicators of Attack:

  1. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click Indicators of Attack in the navigation pane.

    The Indicator of Attacks pane opens.

  1. By default, Tenable Identity Exposure shows all your AD forests and domains. To adjust this view, do any of the following:

    • Select the time period to show — Click on Hour, Day (default), Month, or Year.

    • Move along the timeline — Click on the left or right arrow to go forward or backward on the timeline.

  • Select a specific time — Click on the date picker to choose an hour, day, month, or year.

  • Return to current date and time — Click the icon next to the date picker.

  • Select the domains — Click on n/n domains.

  1. In the Forest and Domains pane, select the domains.

  2. Click Filter on selection.

    Tenable Identity Exposure updates the view.

  • Select the IoAs — Click on n/n indicators.

    1. In the Indicators of Attack pane, select the IoAs.

    2. Click Filter on selection.

      Tenable Identity Exposure updates the view.

  • Sort the IoA tiles — In the Sort by box, click the arrow to show a drop-down list of choices: Domain, Criticality, or Forest.

  • Search for a domain or attack — In the Search box, type the domain name or attack.

  • Show only domains under attack — Click the Show only domains under attack toggle to Yes.

  • Export an attack report — Click Export.

    The Export Cards pane appears.

    1. In the Export format box, click the drop-down list arrow to select a format: PDF, CSV, or PPTX.

    2. Click Export.

      Tenable Identity Exposure downloads the report to the local machine.

Level of Severity

Tenable Identity Exposure detects and assigns severity levels to attacks:

Level Description
Critical — Red Detected a proven post-exploitation attack that requires domain dominance as a prerequisite.
High — Orange Detected a major attack that allows an attacker to reach domain dominance.
Medium — Yellow The IoA is related to an attack that could lead to a dangerous escalation of privileges or allow access to sensitive resources.
Low — Blue Alerts to suspicious behaviors related to reconnaissance actions or low-impact incidents.

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