Secure Relay for Tenable Identity Exposure 3.59

You install the Secure Relay component only after you install or upgrade Tenable Identity Exposure.

As of version 3.59, the Secure Relay component takes over designated tasks in the Tenable Identity Exposure platform:

  • Allows you to configure domains from which it forwards the data to the Directory Listener (DL) component which collects AD objects.

  • Facilitates the setup and maintenance for large infrastructures through automatic updates: No longer needs multiple DLs that require simultaneous upgrades.

  • Acts a bridge between the single DL and various endpoints, such as domain controllers, SMTP or SYSLOG servers or LDAP servers for in-product authentication.

  • Ties to one or several domains. The DL can manage an unlimited number of Relays.

  • Requires configuration in the Tenable Identity Exposure console, such as namings and mappings (domain, SMTP, SYSLOG, LDAP authentication).

  • Supports the options to install the Secure Relay on the DL server or separately from the DL.

  • Supports Split Security Engine Node (SEN) Services.

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