View Asset Details

In the Assets view, you can view additional details for any asset in the assets list.

Note: Information on the asset details page varies depending on the class of the asset for which you're viewing details. For example, an Identity asset features different tabs and data than a Device asset.
Important: Because they do not include a hardware ID attribute, Microsoft Entra ID devices managed by Microsoft Intune's mobile device management (MDM) are not visible in the Tenable Inventory Assets view.

To view asset details:

  1. Access the Assets view.

  2. In the row of the asset for which you want to view details, click See details.

    The asset details page appears.

On the asset details page, you can:

Note: Some of the following items only appear for specific asset classes.
  • View the Asset Name.

  • View the asset class, for example, Device.

  • View the asset source(s), for example, T.CS.

  • View the Asset Exposure Score for the asset.

    Note: Tenable Inventory does not calculate an AES for unlicensed assets. For more information, see Tenable Inventory Metrics.

  • View the Asset Criticality Rating for the asset.

  • View the number of Weaknesses Identified on the asset. For more information, see Weaknesses.

  • View high-level Key Properties, including:

    • Asset Class — The asset class associated with the asset, for example, Device.

    • Owner — The owner of the asset.

    • Drivers — The key drivers of (that is, plugins that have the biggest effect on) the asset.

    • Location — The physical location of the asset.

    • Last Observed At — The date and time at which a scan most recently identified the asset.

When viewing the asset details page, you can click on the following tabs to view additional asset information:

Tip: Each tab includes a search box, where you can search for specific items.