Settings Configuration

Once you select the scan template to use for your scan, there are several settings that you can use to tune the scan configuration's performance. The following topics describe each of the scan configuration sections—Settings, Credentials, Compliance, and Plugins—and how you can configure each section to maximize your scan's performance.

Note: Depending on what scan template you choose, you may not see some of the settings and sections described. For example, most scan templates do not allow you to configure plugin families.

A scan configuration's settings greatly affect the scan's capabilities, performance, and scan time. Use the settings to configure when and how often Tenable Nessus launches the scan, discovery options, debugging capabilities, assessment methods, performance options, and other scan behavior. Tenable Nessus has into five Settings categories: Basic, Discovery, Assessment, Report, and Advanced.

Some of the scan configuration settings are informational or do not affect scan performance (for example, Name, Description, and Notification settings). This section describes all the settings that do affect scan performance and how to tune them for better scan performance.

Click the following setting categories to learn more about them and how to tune them:

For more information about Nessus scan settings, see Scan and Policy Settings.